Your Phone is running low memory issue, here is a quick guide to Fix it

Everybody one day or someday feels short of memory, despite having how much memory your phone has.
If your phone is also running with a low memory issue than you will find in the following topic, how to solve this issue quickly.

Low memory in the phone has a serious effect on your phone. It will slow down your phone performance drastically. This also affects the performance of an individual application.

This also makes a little effect on battery performance as your phone consumes power to booting new applications. So now you can see a low memory on the phone has multiple issues.

Tips to fix low memory issue in the phone

Delete Unnecessary Files

  • This is the most basic step but you can’t ignore this. Make a habit of regularly deleting unnecessary files with it be a text, image, pdf, video, games or apk file. One small change in habit will also help you to locate your desired file quickly.

Solve Low Memory issue by application

  • Use the integrated phone optimizing app, every phone has this application inbuilt. If don’t like your inbuilt application then you can also try application available on play store like CCleaner, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master, Fast Cleaner, etc.

Deleting Duplicate Images solves low memory issue

  • If you are a photographer lover and your phone memory major part is occupied by pictures & if you don’t want to delete them, then the first thing is to delete multiple copies of the same photo by identifying less clear photos from the main photo.

Image Backup will help low memory issue

  • One application that will help you to keep your favorites picture in your phone without deleting them is to use Google photo backup application, here you can save the unlimited picture at single place. Your phone image gallery will have a thumbnail of your photo that is stored on the Google server.

Use High capacity memory card

  • If you are using a memory card then try to use card having ample space in it. As now a day, higher capacity memory cards are available at economical prices Before buying a memory card ensure that how much memory your phone supports and prefer to buy higher storage cards.

Google “Files” application solves low memory issue in a smart way

  • One very good application that checks memory consumed by each file and provides a very easy interface to navigate files is “Files” from Google. It will also help you to search for duplicate files and can be removed in one click.

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