Top 5 Global Giant player of the Mobile in India

Over last 2-3 years, Mobile companies are getting tough competition with their peers one. And it is difficult for them to maintain top position in market share. All these companies are much close to each other in market share. This is reason, that pushes companies to keep in launching new mobile.

Samsung slips to 2nd

lets go in the early of 2017, Samsung was maintaining number one position & he was much ahead of its peers. Within few months Xiaomi succeeded in grabing the crown. That was the first time, when Samsung got such a tough challenge with a Chainese company.

Xiaomi continue its pace

Xiaomi didn’t stops here and keep pace in launching new phones. Redmj series helps them to maintain their position. Xiaomi not stopped here it focuses from online channel to offline market also, opened number of exclusive shops across India.

Soon other giant companies also understand the strategy of a race game and starts giving edge to edge completion. So first have a look, what is the core concept.

Strategy followed by companies

  • Companies started launching new mobiles more frequently than earlier one, almost doubled their pace.
  • Focused on product advertisement, at least forth night of product launch date. Live launching helps in getting attention from mass of people.
  • Targeting customers based on their specific need, like few of us, love to take frequent picture so a phone will launched camera as its core strength. Similarly for higher storage, gaming phones etc.

2019 a second slip of Samsung

It doesn’t matter how gaint company you are or what was your market share. To be in race, you have to be exactly with the trend. If ignore this or make delay in adapting the current trend. Then there are higher chances of losing your position.

Vivo find the space to get 2nd place

This exactly happens with Samsung and Vivo find a chance to take over Samsung. He was aggressively adopting the market trends, helps him to occupy second position. First postion is yet continued by Xiaomi. So after the 3rd quarter and end of 2019 following is position of companies

  1. Xiaomi
  2. Vivo
  3. Samsung
  4. Realme
  5. Oppo


To be in race, you have to be with current trend, have to be aggressive in launching feature rich phone, while keep price in line with its peer companies.

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