Tech News 08-02-2020

The Apple phone can be used as Car Key

Apple is working on a project to run your Apple smartphone & Apple smartwatch as a car key. This feature will work only on car keys that support NFC (Near Field Communications).

This is not a new technology to use, mobile phones are already NFC to connect payment devices. Digital CarKey will be available in Wallet application.

To access this feature, pairing mobile and car key will be required through NFC mode. One pairing is done. This Digital carkey will be created and stored in wallet app.
Source: 9to5mac

Samsung “Unpacked” event will be on 11 Feb 2020

Samsung will launch its much awaited Samsung Z foldable & Samsung Galaxy 20S mobile.
After the success of Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10 lite, Samsung fans are waiting for the next version of S10.
Only after its launch we can say how much it has fulfilled the fans.

Apple patented Foldable Technology

Apple may also come with a foldable phone as per web sources, Apple is working on Foldable phones. As it’s peers companies have already declared for foldable phones.

So, Apple fans were too expecting the same technology from Apple Inc. Soon their wishes may come up from Apple. Apple has filed a new patient technology for making the foldable screen more durable.

Interesting Alexa connection with Indians

Amazon has revealed insights of Alexa

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