Stock Android Phone, How they are different from Custom UI Android phones?

Phones with stock android are few in numbers as compared to the phones with custom UI. Yes, it is true, you will be surprised why companies preferring custom UI over the purest version of Android.

Whats is Stock Android Phone

To understand what is Stock Android lets have a simple example here when you go to ice cream parlor, you see there a number of ice-cream flavors are available, from a simple plain Vanilla to number of flavored ice cream, like some are made from fruit like mango, guava similarly some are made from dry fruits, etc.

So definitely you will find it is much easier to select your favorite flavor as per your taste. Only a few you will find, who choose plain vanilla.

This is the same reason which has given birth to android with a Custom user interface. This is the main reason which fore phone manufacturers prefer custom UI. Both types of Android versions have their own pros & cons.

So let’s figure out by considering every aspect with respect to both customer and manufacturer.

Pros for Manufacturer

Let go with the manufacturer first.

  • Companies prefer custom UI to make their phones different from rest companies, by this they create room for their customers who prefer them over others.
  • It also enables companies to integrate their in-house application to Android OS.
  • Enable them to include third party tie-up application which a user can or can’t delete from their phone.

Pros for Customer

Now come to the customer end.

  • They get several useful application comes directly in their phones like call recording, screen recording, screen capturing, split-screen, security application, junk files cleaner, etc. So no need to depend on a third-party application, which may charge to the user for providing all features of their application.
  • Help them easily to select their mobile from hundreds of mobile available in the market.

Cons For Manufacturer

  • Companies have to customize a new version of Android as per their Hardware & software interface, this takes a serious amount of time.

Cons For Customer

  • Your current phone may or may not get all new updates of the Android versions.
  • As most of the companies hardly go beyond two to three years to provide an android update in their old models, as they are primarily busy in launching a new phone, also it takes a serious amount of time to customize software as per mobile hardware configuration.
  • Coming to one important negative point. You won’t get frequently updated security patch in your custom UI phone, as again companies have to do extra hard work to match this security patch with their custom UI.


So coming to the conclusion which is better. Here again, I will get my first ice cream example if I ask two persons which flavor you like most, one of them may go with guava flavored ice cream while others may stick to plain vanilla both will have numerous reasons for selecting their flavor.

It can’t be judged which is better. Similarly, it is applicable to both Android versions some may prefer simple and pure user interface without considering any third party application in their phone while some may stick to custom UI, as it might give them an extra space to explore their interest. That’s it for this discussion. Thank you!

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