JIO Recharge 2020 Plans

Jio: India’s largest communication network

Jio is the most popular network in India in India. It is ranked as the largest Telecom network and the world’s third-largest mobile network.

It is owned by Reliance Industries and later was known as reliance JIO Infocomm Limited. This network is purely Indian as the Reliance company is owned by popular personality, “Mukesh Ambani”. It was introduced on 5th September 2016.

Jio Recharge 2020 Plans: A Lifesaver For Internet Users

Jio came like a widespread virus. While, all other networks like the Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. were offering expensive data plans, Jio offered the great internet packs as well as the unlimited calling plans.

It first attracted the youth as they the internet junkies and when they heard about the Jio plans they quickly got attached to Jio as the plans were of the decent price. Later on, it covered all the generations and became viral.

Now, almost all the telecommunication companies have copied Jio plans, but now also, Jio comes at the top of the list as it offers the greatest internet speed in almost every region in India.

It also introduced Jio mobiles known as Jio Lyf which provides a free internet connection with Jio SIM inserted in it.

Jio Recharge 2020 Plans Are Offered With Love

Prepaid Plans

Monthly Packs…


Plans Validity Data Voice
129 INR 28 days 2 GB Unlimited calls( Jio to non-Jio)
149 INR 24 days 1GB/day Unlimited calls( Jio to non-Jio)
199 INR 28 days 1.5 GB/day Unlimited calls( Jio to non-Jio)
249 INR 28 days 2 GB/day Unlimited calls( Jio to non-Jio)
349 INR 28days 3GB/day Unlimited calls( Jio to non-Jio)

ISD Plans:

  • 501 INR– Validity: 28 days, ISD Talktime: Rs 551, ISD SMS: 5

Talk time can be used only for making ISD calls and ISD SMS from India.

International Roaming Plans:

  • 1101 INR– Validity: 28 days, Plan: IR Pack=1101 Rs, Monetary value of Rs              1211 and 5 ISD SMS.
  • 1201 INR– Validity: 28 days, Monetary values: Rs 1321 and 5 ISD SMS.
  •  5751 INR– Validity: 30 days, Voice- 1500 min, Voice incoming free, 1500 SMS, unlimited data (5 GB high speed). Applicable only in selected countries.

2 months plans


Plans Validity Data Voice
399 INR 56 days 1.5 GB/day Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)
444 INR 56 days 2 GB/day Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)

Data Add-on Plans:

Plan Validity Data
251 INR 51 days 2 GB/day

3 Month Plans…

Plans Validity Data Voice
555 INR 84 days 1.5 GB/day Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)
599 INR 84 days 2 GB/day Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)

Yearly Plans


Plans Validity Data Voice
1299 INR 336 days 24 GB Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)
2121 INR 336 days 1.5 GB/day Unlimited (Jio to non-Jio)


  •    1398 INR: 336 days

Plan- Prime 99 plus MRP-1299, Prime data- 24 GB, Voice-unlimited (Jio to Non-Jio)

  •    2220 INR: 336 days

Plan- Prime plus MRP 2121, RS 2121 plus Rs 99 Prime data: 1.5 GB/day, Voice (Jio to non-Jio)

Unlimited Plans (unlimited validity)…

Plans Talktime Validity
10 INR 7.47 INR Unlimited
20 INR 14.95 INR Unlimited
50 INR 39.37 INR Unlimited
100 INR 81.75 INR Unlimited
500 INR 420.73 INR Unlimited
1000 INR 844.46 INR Unlimited

Existing Plans…

11 INR 400 MB Existing
21 INR 1 GB Existing
51 INR 3 GB Existing
101 INR 6 GB Existing

Postpaid Plan…

  •    199 INR: Validity: Bill cycle, Data: 25 GB, Voice: unlimited (Jio to Non-Jio), SMS(100/day)

Cashback Offers On Online JIO Recharge.

There are so many offers available when you proceed to recharge online. For every mobile recharge app, there have been always one or more cashback offers available.

Jio partners are offering great cashback offers from first to 15 March 2020.


  •  Paytm is offering a flat 30% cashback.
  • Pay via Paytm UPI.
  • Also, activate benefits worth Rs. 1500.
  • The above-mentioned scheme is for a new recharge user.
  • For the existing user, they are assuring 10% cashback up to rupees 15.
  • Activate benefits worth Rs. 1500.
  • And redeem your code now at Paytm.
  • Amazon is offering a 50% cashback up to Rs 250 in the voucher form for the new users.
  • While there are certain rewards up to Rs 200 for an existing user.
  • PhonePe is offering “Scratch and Win” rewards up to Rs 75 for the new user and the same price worth Rs 50 for the existing user.
  • Paytm UPI is offering Rs 50 cashback for the first transaction on the Paytm UPI app on the payment of Rs 149 and above on <> whereas, for an existing user did not provide any cashback offer.
  •  Amazon UPI, they are offering a 10% discount up to Rs 50 cashback on recharge of 300 and above for both existing as well as for the new user.
  •  Mobikwik is offering up to Rs 200 cashback offer for both the new as well as existing users. There is a flat Rs 30 offer on Freecharge for the existing user and 20% up to Rs 15 offers for the new users.

There are so many exciting offers, so go online and avail these offers.

Speed and connectivity

As Jio provides 3G and 4G speed, there is no issue for connectivity purposes. Through the Jio network, we can reach any region in India as there is a wide range of networks across the country.

At hill stations also, we don’t have to wait for the network, we can just make a video call to our loved ones or to attend meetings without any worries. So, Jio is the best option for speed and connectivity.


Since Jio is so popular across the country, we can definitely try it out. Jio offers a wide variety of plans as we have discussed in the above article.

So, one can go prepaid as well as for the postpaid according to the needs and requirements. India has become digital and there is a very important role that Jio plays in it.

These were the JIO Recharge 2020 Plans hope you enjoyed reading them.

Go Digital with JIO.

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