If your phone is hanging frequently, here is a solution for fixing it.

Frequently hanging of phones is not desirable for anyone. This type of issue mostly occurs after one to two years of buying the phone but some times this may happen with your few months old phone also.

So if you are also facing such then here some useful troubleshooting tips.

1) Check Internal space of the phone

This is one of the most common issues faces by a mobile user. After a few months, your internal memory may have reached its storage limit.

So first open the file manager on the phone then go through each media file. Check their memory consumption.

Delete unnecessary media files from the phone, helps you in saving a big part of your phone storage.

To easily access your media files you can use the “Files” application available on the play store. You will get a more customized way of accessing all mobile Files.

2) Check OS & Application update

After freeing memory if the mobile hanging issue persists then do the following thing.

Ensure that all the applications are up to date with the latest version. Also, check if the new OS version is available or not.

Sometimes there are some bugs in some applications, their update version may fix the issue.

Bugs may also be present in the current OS if an update is available then first update it.

3) The Hanging issue may be due to recent update

Sometimes hanging issue occurs due to recent updates. Recently updated application or OS may also cause the frequent hanging issue, due to the present of some bugs in it.

Check recent application and OS updates. If this is the reason for the frequent hanging of the phone.

Then you may contact the application developer or mobile company customer support.

4) Factory Reset

This is the last option available to you. If nothing works, then take a backup of your all media files including the contact list.

Then select the factory reset option available under the setting menu. This is the last thing you can do.

If even after a fresh installation of OS mobile hanging issue persists then there might be some hardware issue.

Visit your nearest service center or call to customer support service. It is advisable to visit the service center, to solve your issue.

Thank you!

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