How to select best smart phone from basket of phones?

Selection of right phone is based on three parameters, your requirement, budget & your own research.

The Selection of the right mobile is really becoming a tedious job nowadays. As almost every week one or two phones are adding to the bouquet of the phone.

If you are also going to buy a new smartphone then you are the right place, just go through the following details.

Set your Budget

This is the first important task you should do. This will help you to select the best phone as per your need. Don’t rigidity select price range. Keep room for slight variation.

Sortlist Brand

This will your second step. Shortlist 2-3 brands, ensure the company has a reputation in the market. Don’t dilute your brand selection, else you will get jumbled. Decide company based on their recent launches, customer feedback and availability of after-sales service in your nearby area.

Shortlist phone

Now this will be your next step. First, make a note on paper for your requirements. Don’t expect everything to be perfect on a single phone. You can select a phone based on Camera, performance, battery backup, display type.

One step further research

Now this will be a more interesting part of your job. Your little attention will end up with the most worthy phone in your mind. The simplest way of judging your phone is to get reviews directly from the actual customers.

You can easily reach them by reading the mobile review on the popular e-commerce website. You can also go through a review available on youtube.

Tips to save money

  • Don’t rush for the latest phone always, as their earlier version can also full fill your requirement.
  • Don’t stick to the online market only. Sometimes you can get a better deal in your local market also.
  • If you can wait, then buying a mobile in a discount season also save you some bucks.
  • If your old phone is in working condition and free from any major dent or crack, you can select either exchange offer of sale it on Olx or Quikr.

Final verdict

  • The Selection of a phone can be an interesting journey if you are able to do proper self-research and have patience. Don’t be in a hurry to buying the phone.
  • You can take advice from friends also but don’t blindly really on this only. Your own research will help you a lot in selecting the right phone.
  • Buy a phone with at least a time period of two years. As generally after two years phone may have outdated with respect to current technology.

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