How Companies are able to Give Featured rich phones at a lower price?

Getting mobile with lots of features, at an unexpected price becomes really true. When you see someone, who describes his phone specifications and the price at which he or she has got. You will say that how it is possible as you have purchased a phone with almost similar specifications of different brands but price higher than at what your friend purchased. In fact now a day it happening almost with most of us. So the first thing will come in mind that how these companies are able to generate their revenue by selling their mobile at a cheaper price than that of their peer’s company. So now let’s figure out how they are able to manage their business. The first principle they are following is “Mass Production & Mass Consumption”. As you all that similar principle is followed by China. So by selling mobile in bulk number with lower profit keep them sustainable in this competitive market. Secondly, they have restructured the traditional marketing concept, As earlier, you know that the mobile phone reached to it end customer from number intermediate level like the manufacturer to distributer, from distributor to local dealer and from dealer to the shop and then it finally reached to end-user. This system costs heavily to the manufacturer by sharing profit with everyone in the chain. But now there is only a seller between the Manufacturer and the user helps companies a lot in saving their expenses. Thirdly companies are paying special attention to the advertisement. They describe each feature of the phone in a very eye-catching way, which ultimately convinces customers very easily. Next, these companies are offering a wide range of each so it easily covers most of the customer dream phones. Next, they are very frequently launching versions of their phones, which pushes end customers very promptly in considering the latest launch. Last but equally important strategy these companies are aggressively keeping them in line with the current market trend. These are some know major strategies that these companies are actively following.

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