Growing trees on a phone boost your productivity.

You might think what is this & how it’s possible to plant a tree on a phone, the second question that will come in mind how planting a sapling will boost your efficiency.

But yes, this is true. There is one very interesting application available on the play store with the name “forest”. In today’s time, most of us find it difficult to remain away from the phone.

Reason for distraction

Reasons are many, your frequent social sites wall updates, news alert, text message & phone calls from many commercial companies regarding product advertisement, floods of messages on messenger apps such WhatsApp, Facebook diminished your work efficiency & sometimes we term it as phone addiction.

You can’t resist yourself when a new notification arrived on your phone. If for a long time if there is no notification comes in a phone that time also you check your phone to ensure his phone connectivity is ok or you are in no network area.

Solution for distraction

If there is net down for a few hours, you feel like your device is dead.
To control your mind is difficult. So, here is an application that can help you in controlling your frequent phone usage.
The name of this application is Forest. When you open this application it will ask system permission to work smoothly.

Home screen having a tiny plant under the soil. When you press the plant tab, a reverse count down will start from 25 minutes.
If you have your phone ideal for the next 25 minutes a new tree will add in your forest.

Final word

If left or close this application to check other messages notification, the growing tree will get dead. So the job is simple you have had your phone unused for 25 minutes you can take a break also intermediately.
So, this very beautiful technique to control your phone addiction in an interesting way.

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