Getting sometimes bored & don’t know how to overcome this.

This happens with all of us & don’t understand what to do & how to throw away it aside. If you are also had sometimes this feeling then doesn’t worry here is some beautiful tips.

We become bored when we have nothing to do, or we are waiting for someone or for some times in queue and waiting for out turn to come.

You can try to write anything whatever it is coming in your mind. This is very successful step, to get out of it very quickly.

The science behind it is that when we focus on our thoughts, our mind go to reset mode & soon makes you feel refresh.

If you are travelling, then always keep downloaded videos in your phone. Trust me you won’t know how quickly time will passed if you start watching your favorite video.

You can play some puzzles type games like chess, brain treasurer game or any game that will make you to think.

Science behind this is when you challenge your brain to think it shifted your mind from bordem to active mind.

If you lovse content writing then this is the best time to deliver something very interesting or topic you might have planned earlier.

Science behind this in this period you get minimum disturbance from people as most of them you don’t know or they may be busy in thier own activity.

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