Find the list of best applications in each Category

All the best applications are listed in the sub-categories.

Find the list of the best applications in each category. All these applications have enough potential to simplify your day to day activity.

Ecommerce Application

1) Flipkart

This is a very popular e-commerce website, having a huge collection of products in one place. This company is established in 2007 and since 2007 this company has performed well and has maintained the number one position in country.

2) Amazon, Inc is an American International company. This company is founded in year 1994. Currently this leading company in the world. In India also taking the second position in popularity but still have the largest online product in one platform.

3) SnapDeal

This is the third popular site in India. This company is founded in the year 2010. This company is also well organized and offering large number of products on one platform.

Social Networking

1) Facebook

This is one of the most popular websites used in the world. This Social networking website is founded in year 2004. A very well organized social site, provide a simple and neat interface.

2) Instagram

This is also one of the very interesting Social networking platform. This social platform is founded in the year 2010. Soon the strength of this company is recognized by Facebook and overtake by Facebook.

3) Twitter

Entertainment Application

1) NetFlix

2) Amazon Prime

3) YouTube Prime

Health Application

1) Curefit

2) HealthifyMe

3) DocsApp

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