Features of “Android 10” & Have a close look of it

Android 10 launched in September 2019. Earlier it was named as Android Q, as Google was in a Trend to name Android version on words starting with Alphabetical order.
But this time breaks this trend.
So let us have a look and check what are the new features you are about to get.

1) Live caption on Image

In Android 10 you can enable automatic captioning of media while, either it is photo or video. It will sense the media and display content accordingly.

2) Smart Reply

Very interesting to see this feature In Android 10, it will automatically provide you suggested reply for a new message. It will also work on messaging applications.

3) Integrated Sound Amplifier

This new feature in Android 10, enables you to boost sound, can do even noise cancellation of your voice call, music. You need to use headphones to access this feature.

4) Gesture Navigation for Smart access

The smooth gesture feature is integrated in Android 10 for increasing user experience more fruitful. These gestures will make the user experience more interesting.

5) Dark Theme with True Black

Improved dark theme, now truer black color used in Android 10. This will helps in reducing battery consumption. Dark themes will reduce eye strain. In the house, Google’s application will also come with a dark theme.

6) Next Generation Compatibility

In Android 10 the user gets the next-generation feature. Users will be able to use a foldable screen and 5G very smoothly.

7) More Data Privacy & Control

In Android 10, data on the phone will get an extra layer of security. Full control of data, so a user can decide when and how to share data.

8) Frequent Security Updates

In Android 10 Google is very concerned about providing top-notch security. This time Google comes with a new level of security. You will get security updates like you to update apps update.

9) Focus mode

This will help you keep your focus on the current task. Distraction from some applications really hampers your work. So now you can temporarily pause application as per your wish.

10) Family connection

This is a more interesting feature in Android 10. Now you can control mobile use by kids by setting screen use time for individuals applications. You can keep your eyes on their location. So you can get full control over mobile usage, set limit and monitoring.

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