Factors that force a customer to buy a new phone

Buying a new Phone is not necessity but upgrading your Phone with latest technology comes to top priority

Nowadays, mobile companies are aggressively launching new mobile very frequently. A person who is seeking to buy a new phone have the first question, should I wait for a new launch or select from an existing portfolio.

Reason for buying new Phone

Nowadays, most of the buyers are upgrading their not because their old phone gets defective. It’s a past day reason when a person buys a new phone as their old phone stops working or declared to be beyond repairable.


So lets figure out whats are forces that convince them switch to newer version. Here I can see clearly that mobile companies are successful in convincing a buyer to buy latest phone.

  1. Due to frequent launch of new mobile at very attractive prices, force to think of buying a new Phone.
  2. Frequent upgradation in technology, automatically makes your phone out dated.
  3. Upgradation in OS and launching of high end apps that requires more memory and space makes your existing phone incapable.

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