Apps that will help you to use your cell phone at full potential

If you have recently buyed a new phone. Then the first question comes in mind, what are the apps that I should install.

Installing of unnecessary application leads to unnecessary memory consumption, also take part in background battery drainage.

So the smart way is use keep versatile application that are used for day to day task. Without diverting from our topics, here I share you list of applications, that will make your life simpler.

Flipkart & Amazon

Both these are gaint player if e-commerce world. Now a days, hardly there is anybody who don’t look for online shopping.

Buying items online have their own pros and cons, but if look closely then pros dominant with a very high margin. If yet you haven’t installed these applications then it is highly recommend for you to install on your phone. & DocApp

If you want one single application that covers multiple features then this is a must application for you. In one application you will get all health-related content. You can order food online (provided it must serviceable in your area), you can join their gym also. If you can’t go or it is not serviceable in your area. Then you can learn exercise from home also by seeing their videos.

If you are taking medicine on a regular basis, then you can opt DocsApp. Here you will get medicine up to 20% to 25%. Medicine delivery will be provided to your doorstep.

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